Android 12 Samsung mobile

As you know that Samsung is a world-famous company. This company has introduced many mobile phones and other devices. It is famous all over the world and people because of its excellent work.

But here mention some new devices. So you can check the list of android 12 on Samsung mobile.

1: Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Note 10 Plus, Note 10 lite.

2: Samsung Z fold 3, Z FLIP 3, Z Fold 2.

3: Samsung Galaxy A 72, Galaxy A52 s

i: A 52, Galaxy A42

ii: A 32, Galaxy A 22

4: Samsung Galaxy A 12, Galaxy A 02

5:Samsung Glaxy A71,gLAXY a51

6 :Samsung Galaxy A 41 ,Glaxy A 31 ,Glaxy A21 ,Glaxy A11

7: Samsung Galaxy A 03S

8: Samsung Galaxy A QUANTUM

9:Samsung Glaxy M62, M32 ,M12 ,M02 ,M02S

10: Samsung Galaxy M 51, M31,

11: Samsung Galaxy M 31 prime Galaxy

12: Samsung Galaxy M21 ,M 11,M01S ,M01

13: Samsung Galaxy F 62, F52 5G, and F 22,F 12,F02 ,F41.

Android 12 samsung mobile list

Android 12 Samsung mobile that received the updates.

Here list of phones that received the updates.

1: Pixel 3 AND Pixel 3XL

2: Pixel 3a AND Pix 3a xl

3: Pixel 4 AND Pixel 4 XL

4: Pixel 4a AND pixel 5 G

5: Pixel 5a AND Pixel 6

Android 12 is based on the open beta version. It is available in one plus 8, One plus, one plus 9R, and One Plus 8 pros. Other devices like One plus 7, and pro, 7T and 7 T pro, and Nord CE 5G system. All of These devices are in excellent features with cameras and mobile capacity.

These mobile have received updates from Samsung and you can see the big changes and have good features in these devices.

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