Android 12 Samsung S20 FE

Android 12 Samsung S20 FE

Android 12 Samsung S20 FE is a smartphone it’s based is Android. It is one of the products of Samsung Electronics companies and the present Samsung S20 FE is 2 October 2020. Its new version is available for different multiple devices. The final versions of the Samsung s20 are Android 12 and UI 4.0.

The beta program of s20 is One UI 4.0 for android 12. UI 4.0 is a new beta testing version included in the s20 series with 6 GB RAM and storage of 128 GB.

Samsung s20 FE improved in Dark mode, Widgets, picker menu, stickers, camera app and has new features on-screen in brightness settings, Samsung keyboard, Samsung internet, Bixby all updates are included.

Android 12 Samsung s20 FE is the best phone that has 3 triple powerful cameras with a 32 MP Selfie shooter and its camera results are excellent. Its battery is 45,00 mAh so the timing of the battery is the best and works in the best way.

Beta 4 version is available on a new device system in Android 12. So google fixed the bugs, Quick internet connection and different pixel sounds have full access to beta 4 Because it has quick access and does not disturb the toggle. Android has good stability in Beta 4. Its performance is wonderful in all features with new technology.

Android 12 Samsung s20 FE update list

New updates that are available in the Samsung series are listed.
1: Samsung Galaxy updated in S 21, S 21 +, and S21 ULTRA.
2: Samsung series 20 updates are available in S20, S 20 plus, S 20 ultra, and S 20 FE
3: Galaxy Samsung devices S10, S10 +, S10 Ultra,S10 Lite ,S10e updates are available .
4: Samsung devices S 20 and S20 Ultra.

Android 12 Samsung S20 FE

Galaxy s20 fan edition

Galaxy s20 has 888 chipsets and displays 120 Hz and FE stands for fan addition. Fan addition is a flagged segment that is affordable. It is waterproof if you keep it in the water for about 1.5 meters deeply in half an hour. This device will be safe because this device covered with IP68 and it gives great protection to the device.

Fan Addition has an excellent camera with good qualities and displays 120Hz. It has an ultra-wide camera with 12 MP, an angle – camera, a telephoto camera of 8 MP, and a front camera of 32 MP.

S20 FE is bigger than s20, the display site of s20 is 6.2 inches and FE has a 6.5 long inches site.S20 and s20 FE has a different case, Although these devices are the same these devices case have different features and sizes and s20 FE has the specific design of phone cases.

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