Google Panda and Penguin

Google Panda and Penguin Updates

In the 2011 panda update release and after the 1-year google penguin release and it was the second update of google. Specification of these updates prevents the spamming keyword stuffing and both are successful updates of google.

Google panda target low-quality content and targets all websites that carry off different information from the websites without giving any input. Penguin works also to stop spam links and target the website that implements keyword stuffing and links. New updates can affect your website for some reasons.

Your website has low-quality content, keyword stuffing, SEO optimization that is over, hidden links low quality backlinking. You will send the automated query to google that also targets your website that will be affected your site.

The new update shocked the webmaster because it affects many websites. These updates have objectives that improve the SEO result. If you are stuck in this update then you need also to recover because without this you cannot out from this. So check the process of Google panda and penguin penalty.

1: In the case of a 404-page error, Buy a new domain for your website.

2: Focus on the internal SEO for the Article.

3: Get high-quality and relevant links for your website.

4: Remove the unnecessary links.

5: Delete the low-quality links from your website.

6: Remove the duplicate content from you to avoid the google penalty.

What is the panda and penguin algorithm?

Google and penguin are two algorithms that check the ranking of the website on the base of relevancy. This algorithm’s updates help to optimize the search results. A large number of websites are hosted all over the world but very few rank in Google.SEO plays an important role to increase the ranking of the website. This algorithm ranks the various pages because of the aspects of SEO.

Panda and Penguin SEO

Panda and Penguin SEO is a term that we use to narrate the process of optimization of the website ranking and relevancy. This SEO penalizes the thin and poor content. It has been designed of this type that filters the bad link and keyword stuffing poor quality content.

The main purpose of Panda and Penguin SEO is to reward high-quality content and reduce the poor and low-level content from the search engine.

If your site affects the panda algorithms what to do?

If you have a problem related to this question then the answer is very simple. Check your site content, and added high-quality and unrepeated content. As a site owner carefully added the link to the site.Because the panda algorithm is a general part of the google core so it checks the site ranking and can reduce the low-level content and you can face the google penalty.

You can measure your site performance in a different way

1:Content checking

check your content on the site if you have duplicate content then remove it from the site. Use unique and useful content in the article so that you rank your website.

2: Backlinking

Check the backlinking if you have subservient backlinking on your site then remove it.

3: Indexing of your website :

Google search console checks a large number of URLs every month for indexing so request here to optimize your content.

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