iOS 12

iOS 12 is the twelfth proclamation from Apple Inc. The new Updates of iOS 12 release date is 17 September 2018. It introduced a new function that improves the quality, and new updates to the security system in iPhone.

This is a mobile operating system that is used for iPhone and tablet devices developed by Apple Inc. It sports all iPhone 5 generation models and new coming devices like iPad Pro,iPad Air models all iPad 6 generation models, and iPod touch 6 generations. iOS 12 sports the iPad mini 2 models and new iPad devices.

This software is faster and more responsive than the previous devices .iOS 12 has fast camera features that work 70 percent fast and other features like keyboard and typing are also most responsive and fast.

New Updates of iOS 12

iOS 12 Features.

New Updates of iOS 12

How to download the iOS 12 software.

Let’s see how to download this software on your mobile so this is available for all users that you can download easily. It has a new exciting feature that you can download for free. Here we see how to install it? Go to setting, then go to General option and update this software.

It is a helpful tool and you can easily reduce all interruptions and manage the screen. New features are added to it like Fun features such as emoji and Siri shortcuts. Another feature is the Siri shortcut which has a quick action that you can set in your home if you like to use your voice it is a best shortcut that provides you a quick way to do this app. Through this app, you can easily play any video, sports, games, or TV channel on the Apple play store.

iOS 12 for android.

If you have an OS button on your mobile phone then download iOS 12 and install it on your mobile then enjoy the new features of iOS.

Go to the Play store download the iOS 12 launcher then install it on your android and Android 12. For lock screen notifications install the Lock screen and notification app. The control center is important in iPhone.Install the app Control center iOS 12 and enable the permission.

Assistive touch, volume style, and wallpaper apps are available for your android. After the installation of your Android mobile look change to iPhone and you can enjoy the all feature of iOS 12 in it.

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