S20 ultra android 12

Android 12 is based on ONE UI 4.0. S20 ultra android 12 is a new S series smartphone device. New updates include Samsung devices such as Galaxy S20 and S 20 Ultra with firmware versions. These updates came with a security patch in January 2022. Its release date is 6 March 2020.

S20 ultra android 12 is based on the Galaxy S series and Samsung Electronics produces it. Different new updates came to this model. This model focused on the camera and improved the camera system and video recording, with super-resolution in a zoom that has the best quality.

It is the first smartphone that includes a fast USB charger certificate. 8 GB Ram and in it did not insert Micro SD slot. To upgrade the system take the backup of the data. Otherwise, you lose the data.

S20 ultra android 12 introduced a new look, new privacy system, and features. It has new widgets options, apps, cameras, microphone performance, and improvements are included.

S20 ultra android 12 has a high-quality camera and a long-life battery. Its good features are wifi sharing, screen short markup, customization, apps, and color scheme are included.

S20 has a new One UI version with a stylish function, speedy panel layout, best charging, and all apps are clear and simple. This device added new scan features, editing, calendar, and emoji video editing.

A new beta version launches the Galaxy Z fold 3, Galaxy Z flips 3, and note 2 devices. Samsung has three android OS and after the new policy, the new flagship phone started.

S20 ultra android 12

Samsung galaxy s9 :

The release date of the Samsung Galaxy is 16 March 2018 and it is a part of the Samsung S series and also an Android-based mobile phone. It has new features in the camera, augmented reality, good design, and the best performance.

In this smartphone, the camera turns into an avatar, and the Samsung s9 is waterproof. Your phone remains protected if remains in the freshwater for about 30 minutes and also protected from dust.

Its camera result is excellent, brightness and clarity of pictures are one of the best. Its front camera is 8MP, Back camera is 12 MP. It has a 4GB Ram and 64 GB storage system, Battery capacity is 3000mAh.All features are elegant and unique.

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