Google Panda Algorithm

Google Panda Algorithm Update

With the Google Panda algorithm upgrade, low-quality websites were to be less prominent in Google’s organic search engine. Therefore, superior websites were to be rewarded.Google updated their search algorithm in 2011 with a change known as the “Panda update.” The Panda update, along with the Penguin update, was one of the most important Google adjustments …

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TOP 10 Tech companies

Top 10 Tech Companies In the World

There are different tech companies in the world.The business of these companies is very vast. So these companies have presented new technology. Products of these companies are software, home appliances, mobiles, computers, digital electronics, e-commerce, and internet-related services. Here we talk about the Top 10 tech companies. These are based on electronic technology and these …

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Types of SEO

How Many Types of SEO?

When you conduct a search on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, SEO optimizes your website and gets to work. The greatest instructive information, as well as page speed. Different types of SEO techniques are employed in digital marketing. It focuses on these key elements to boost traffic. In the vast and ever-evolving realm of digital marketing, …

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One Plus Mobile phone

One Plus Mobile Phone

OnePlus Mobile phone Oppo is a reliable company. Basically, Oppo is an electronic company. Its headquarters is situated in China (Dongguan). Audio and smartphones, power banks, and many electronic devices are crucial products. OnePlus is a brand of Chinese smartphone. In December 2013 Carl Pie and Peta Lau developed it. Recently One Plus announced that …

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