Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies in the World

Digital Marketing Companies

Digital marketing is a channel where messages spread all over the world and it is a web-based channel where agencies and brands provide services for the customer. This method has different techniques used like email marketing, advertising, and SEO. Through digital marketing Companies, customers visit the channel and spend time reading and searching for the products. Here customers deeply study and know the quality of the things and finally, they buy the products.

There are different digital marketing Companies. Digital marketing agencies have been changed these days and in business lines, digital marketing has achieved its goals. In the online world, digital marketing companies have a big digital revolution because Top online marketing companies have their full attention to the customer needs and target the audience and this audience converts into regular customers. So If you use different strategies like SEO, Advertising, social media marketing, and Email marketing then can boost the audience and can grow the businesses

Best digital marketing agencies always prefer the customer’s needs because they do not like the marketing. In this way, they can get a large audience and through the audience get more results in the ranking. So these types of companies are successful in the world. Here we talk about the 10 best digital marketing companies in the world.

  • Accenture Interactive in New York 
  • PwC Digital marketing company in Florida 
  • Dentsu in Tokyo Japan 
  • Web Net Creative  Company in Delhi 
  • iProspect in India 
  • Quasar MEDIA 
  • Pinstorm 
  • BC Webwise 
  • Web FX Harrisburg
  • Ogilvy public relation

1:  Accenture Interactive in New York

It is a top digital marketing company of the world that has largest network in US Country .

Accenture Interactive company is in New York city and this company was established in 1989. It is the world wide largest digital company and in this way it has a big network . So the company’s experience is supper experience in the digital world . It has various success stories about the writing field ,designing , marketing and e-commerce . The number of employees is 1001-5000.

Because the Specialist in the company is e-commerce, web development, content management, Marketing, Advertisement, campaign management, social media, marketing strategies, Marketing analytics, etc. So the majority of the clients are globally from 500 companies.

Industry:Business service
Total Visits13.2M
Bonus Rate33.61 M
Annual Revenue$1.0B
Page per visit 6.63
Average visit duration00:07:29
Global Ranking4,078
Country ranking1,013
Top audiences in India20.02%
Category Rank#4

2: PwC Digital marketing company in Florida 

PwC is best digital marketing company that provide the digital strategies .

PwC was founded in 1998 and its headquarter is situated in Hallandale Beach, Florida which helps to brand solutions and re-explore the online presence. This is a large company and has 10,000 +employees.

Strong points  : 

Its strong points are an attention-seeking business model. In 2015 PwC was the world’s largest agency. But this is one of the best leading companies that provide digital strategy, the digital revolution, and digital procedure. So it provides the services of inflammatory business and digital models, Technology strategy, and user and experience design. But the company has the best performance in digital program design, digital investment management, lead generation, retargeting, and development. So this company has a large number of clients but its special clients are Chase, IBM, and United Technology.

Global Ranking No 13,507
Country Ranking #8,102
Category Rank #7
Total Visitors 5.0 M
Bounce Rate 59.01 %
Page per visit 3.13 
Average visitors duration02:28 
Top Rated in the United States 28.59%

3:   Dentsu Tokyo Japan

 Dentsu Tokyo Japan is a top listed digital marketing company that leads the advertisement .

This company was founded in 1901 and its headquarters is in Tokyo Japan. Because it is a digital marketing company that leads advertisements so it generates big revenue and is the Top listed Advertising company in the world. The company has 48000 employees. So the services of the company are content video, Graphics design and advertisement, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing, and production of content. Coca-Cola, Cadbury, and Adidas are their big clients.

After that Japan became telegraphic communication co.Ltd.In 1936 Japan focused on changing the work and creating the focus on advertising and in 1943 the company started telegraphic advertising. In 1951 commercial Radio broadcasting was established.

  Company Dentsu
Year founded 1901
Employee 10001
Global Rank 47,703 
Country Rank 10,134 
Category Rank 107
Total visit1.4 M
Bounce Rate 27.90
Page per visit 3.49
Everage duration 01:48
Top rated in Japan 27.11%
Annual Revenue 1.0B$

4:   Web Net Creative New Delhi 

This is the Top One digital marketing company in the world that can help to increase its audience. It was situated in 2007 in New Delhi. Company employees have 11-50. So the company has completed all projects at the time and its clients are all over the world. This company provides the services of SEO,eCommerce solutions, web designing, WordPress themes, and Development.

Look D3, Floral India, Miyabi, and Brightsky Radio are its main clients.

Total visitors: 5K 

Global Rank: 10,323,628

Country Rank: 379,210

Top City Ranking: Mexico 

5:  iProspect India

iProspect company started in 1996 and its headquarters is situated in London and Company employee strength is 1001 to 5000. iProspect provides the services of SEO, SEM, paid advertising, Web analytics, acknowledgment modeling, digital advertisement, and Global search engine marketing. Its basic clients are BigBazaar, HDFC Bank, and Cleartrip.

The company helps the customer to remain in touch with the business and encourages the customer. They are involved in content creation which is valuable and increases the company’s growth.

Company iProspect
Global Rank #1,136,667
Country Rank #313,126
Category Rank #940
Total visits 31.4k
Bounce Rate 55.58%
Page Per Visit 2.65
Duration of the visitors 01:20
Top Ranking in India 20.6%

6:   Quasar MEDIA Digital Marketing Company

Quasar is a part of WPP Digital Marketing Company and has the ability to fetch the client in a short time. In 2008 SVG Group envisioned having a digital media solution for all levels. Because this is a creative marketing service, its clients buy and appreciate services such as digital marketing services, social media, e-commerce, SEO, and SEM.

Its founder’s name is Manish Vij. The location of the company is situated in Mumbai, Gurugram, and Bengaluru, and employs in number 51 to 200. Its clients are Dolby Honda, Whisper, KitKat, Siemens, and Twinings.

Company Quasar
Global Rank #7,445,764
Country Rank #374,266
Country Rank Russia 
Total visitor5k

7: Pinstorm Company 

Pinstorm is a great agency in 2004 and founded in India its CEO’s name is Mahesh Murthy. The location of the company is Mumbai, Gurugram, and Bengaluru. Its team members are 51 to 200. Pinstorm provides the best services in digital marketing, digital transformation, SEO, SEM, and social media marketing, but it is the Best Advertising company that has got the Award  Herring Global Top 100.

Global Rank #4,444063
Country Rank #330,770
Category Rank #1,480
Total visit 5K
Top Rank India 

8:  BCWebwise Company

BCWeb is one of the best digital marketing services that provide internet media solution advertising services for brands. Because this is a creative agency it provides different strategies for digital media solutions. It started in 2000 in India its CEO’s name is Chaaya Baradwaj. The company is situated in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Chennai and the team member strength is 51 to 200.

Here we talk about Its top clients which are Park Avenue, Unicef, ICICI Prudential, Axis Bank, Bharat Benz, Axis Bank, Maruti Suzuki, Asus, and Hero.

So this company got different awards. and the company award list is mentioned here.

1: Asus Agent Z

2: Gold

3: Digital Marketing 2016

4: Silver Award

5: Asus Zen fine 2

6: Affective customer feedback in digital marketing 2016

7: Kokuyo Camlin B2C Best marketing communication 2016

8: KoKuyo Camlin Best Marketing Campaign.

Company BCWeb wise
Global Rank #5,724,337
Country Rank #366,873
Category Rank #1,746
Top Ranking India 
Total visits 5K

9: Web FX Harrisburg Digital Marketing Company 

Web FX Harrisburg is also award-winning that provides solutions for digital marketing and customization to the customer. But on the other side if we saw then it has generated millions of leads for the customer. It started in 1997 in Harrisburg PA. Employees of the company are 51 to 200


Online marketing, Advertising, Social media AND PPC management, App development, web designing, and SEO.

This company has many clients. Buffalo Wild Wing, Bank to Bank, Arrow QUIP, BASF, CAT, and Coldwell Banker are its main clients.

Company Web FX Harrisburg 
Annual Revenue $100.0M-$200.0M
Global Rank#47,064
Country Rank#24,245
Category Rank #101
Total visit 1.5M
Bounce Rate 71.60%
Page Per Visit 2.27
Average Visit00.02.33
Top Rated Ranking United States 

10:   Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide:

Ogilvy is one of the most popular digital marketing Agencies in India. Its presence is all over the world and it is also famous all over the world because its network marketing is working for a long time. It is so popular all over the world because its presence in the marketing world is about 40 years old so its long time work means customer satisfaction. But here we describe the short description of the company.

Ogilvy started in 1980 in India and the CEO’s name is Stuart Smith. The number of employees of this company is 1001 + and its location is Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.

Its top clients are NASCAR, IKEA, UPS, Philips, Coke Zero, and Nationwide.

This company won the Awards in 2015 Cannes Line Network, the Best Digital Consultancy in the world. In the 2019  APAC Effie Award.

Company Ogilvy
Global Ranking #18,743,144
Country Rank #354,394
Category Rank 1,418
Top Ranking South Africa 
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