Android 12 New features

Google introduced the 19th version of Android AND a new system setting introduced location, camera, and other data. The operating system has a new methodology of UI with different materials. These devices have a game mode app and also new codecs. So here we talk about android 12 features. What are the New Features of Android 12?

Android 12 has a protective dashboard’s privacy and location because of the ability to more content in insertion. The phone can easily share wifi detailS but it has the ability to scroll the screenshots, and can easily tweak the interface. You can scan the Bluetooth devices without permission for the location.

Battery life is long-lasting because the android 12 app runs on pixel 5. This app saves battery life which is helpful for storage capacity. Its update file removes the unnecessary files. So its results depend on mobile use and how they use the mobile.

The name of Android 12 is = Android Honeycomb, the Code name is = Snowcone, A Google executive talks about it on Twitter. Its release date (is 4 0ctober 2021 ).

Android mobile has different features as Modern and most intelligent as translating the language. But when you see the news or other content on the screen, you can translate it into any language.

Through android, you can save and share the data near the device because of the use of google play to share the app, and through it, you can access the data. So you can control private information or any type of sensitive data in the new privacy control system.

You can change the wallpaper color on your pixel but this app can change the color of the entire phone system that has notifications, widgets, and all settings.

How many features of Android 12?

Here list is a of mentions where you can check the features of Android 12.

Lifestyle activityChange all apps: Without finishing an activity from the background system and button moves.
Backup and restore Targeting app 12+:Here is the Targeting app that can change and all restore.
camera OEM and support have ultra-high-resolution sensors so camera results are good.
Capability This is a totally Change app with new features because Toggled on and off and a more granular and unsupported interface is unblocked.
Connectivity Primary wifi is no longer disconnected but this connectivity can perform better.
APIs and new features: Helpful for the device but APIs features provide peer-to-peer internet connection.
Core’s functionality Core functionality helps to good performance for APIs java.
Images and Graphic Native crashes without using ADB and support for the AVIF, so Image and provide better image quality.
Media Video encoding, provide tailored experiences on the other side Audio focus on a new API method for security.
Performance Targetting 12+nd change all apps: These all apps permission for starting foreground services like Permission for alarm, and activity for the users.
Security and privacy Allow the user to enable and disable the camera because of Microphone access for all apps.
Close the app and no longer invoke it because it allows the different websites to work across.
storage Introduced a new directory for storage and voice recording so that can properly store the data.
Permission app that uses for moving, deleting, and modifying, and no need for permission.
APIs and New features: APIs sports for new media features
UX and Visual behavior has a new splash screen. So Implemented it by resolving generic web intent and specific domain contained for the web intent.
= Change all apps : Get Realize()and get Realmatrics()that display APIs.

How many Advantages of Andriod 12 new features?

In Android 12 new additional widgets are introduced with new performance because some new features are available and need to try these features. Android 11 has also good features but Android 12 features have excellent performance in settings. In Android, 11 different new features were introduced but here you know about the Android 12 that is good in working and most popular in the world. So people prefer the Andriod 12 to the android 11

1: Wallpaper

2: Dashboard

3: Single-mode

4: High speedy tap features

5: Share the menu

6: Privacy system

7: Low screen brightness

8: Exchange widgets

9: Screenshots

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