BBK Electronics is a Chinese private multinational company. This electronic company has many electronics products like smartphones, television sets, digital cameras, and MP3 players. It is the world’s largest manufacturer company of smartphones.

In the china province, the company was established in Dongguan( Guangdong ) on 18 September 1995. Its founder name is Duan Yong Ping and its CEO is Tony Chen.

Smartphone brands like Vivo, Oppo, Realme, One plus One, and IQOO all are brands of these Electronics companies. All these companies are working under BBK Electronics.

1.5 $ billion is the net worth of the company and it is big net worth. In the world, this is the second-largest company.


BBK Electronics company :

When this company started, first of all, create a gaming console. At that time Japanese company Nintendo make an NES Nintendo entertainment system. That was so popular. Chinese companies started to make gaming consoles name was Subor. Its start amount was 1 billion Yuan, When work started, create the generic product.

OPPO Brand’s first product came into the market in 2004, and oppo was not a mobile company but it was mp3. DVD player and Blue-Ray player. Today oppo company makes a blue -ray player but it was available in European countries. Best blue -Ray is famous the oppo company in the world. In 2010 this company introduced the mobile phone OPPO REAL.

BBK Company introduce the mobile VIVO In 2009. It is the first production of the Vivo company. In 2011 Vivo company start the work on smartphones. Vivo phone specification is stylish work and 10 years later Vivo phones inaugurate an attractive and stylish design.

BBK electronics sub-brands:

When One plus One was initiated, it is so popular in European countries and in India. In 2017 Realme launched and in 2018 it started in India. This brand is so popular in India, China, and European countries.

Vivo, Oppo, and Realme all are the same companies. The same technology is used in it only brand names are different. One plus TV, Realme TV are same.OPPO and Realme came into the market.

Now Vivo has focused on offline products. Vivo start ( iQOO3 ) 5G for online selling this is a Vivo backing, technology, and software.

One Plus also creates OPPO Plus but the work is the same in the oppo product. If you compare the BBK group’s great work, then you saw how these brands work and which technology is also used. How to change the technology of this company. Hope you understand.

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