How to access a router remotely?

The router is a network device that connects the sites remotely through public or private lines. Remote access is a feature of a router. That allows the user to log in to the router anywhere in the world through an internet connection. But the question is how to access a router remotely.

The main purpose of the router is to connect the multiple network devices and forward the data in packets and attach more network devices.

Now- a -days mostly routers have remote management features. So you can easily connect your router remotely.

To connect the router remotely go to your phone or other device web browser. Type your router IP address and access all of the router features. Login through the login page.

You will be able to log in to your router remotely. You can easily change the router’s security setting and more options.

In the address bar type the IP address of your router as https://192 .168.1.1. Then a login page will display. Enter your user name and password and press ok. After login into the page, you will be able to configure the page and will be able to change all settings.

How to access a router remotely?

How to access your home network remotely?

If you want to connect your home network remotely. How to access your home network remotely? This is not difficult, Points you have to keep in mind.

1: Go to advance setting, go to remote management. This allows you to connect remotely.

2: In advance setting Dynamic DNS will be available. You need to get an account on Dynamic service. Then signup in the DNS. Get the address and put it into your router. My home

In this way, your router will be able to get a new IP address.

3: The second method is Teamviewer. Download it and remotely access it. You don’t need the DNS or NAT.

4: The third method is to install a Draytek router. This router has a VPN server. Turn on the VPN. Setting the device remotely and connecting any device like iPhone,pc, to it for networking.

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