How to Connect Google Dot to WIFI?

connect google dot to WIFI

A voice-activated speaker is the Google Dot. This device has the ability to play music, create calendars, create lists, answer manners-related queries, and run home appliances. Utilizing Google Assistant, this device talks with the service. The firm that developed this device is called Google. The Google Dot is available from November 4, 2016. Therefore, we’ll talk about connecting Google Dots to WiFi in this part.

With the addition of Google devices and Assistant, the software now has more features. Because Google updated a variety of devices, adding reminders and upgrading Bluetooth, the calendar, hand-free, and mobile.

1: Launch the Google Home app on your computer.

2: To customize the gadget, click the + sign.

3: From the menu, choose the device’s location.

4: So choose your network from the list of WiFi networks that are accessible, then enter your WiFi password. Press “OK.”

Google Dot

Changing the Google Home WiFi Involves

Go to the settings menu in the home app, then select the network and rejoin the device. Make a new password entry. After that, go to settings, connect to the WiFi network on your device, set the location and device name, and enter the new password.If your Google Dot’s WiFi won’t connect. So to connect the Google Dot, you might attempt the following techniques.

Restart the router device.

In step two, restart the Google Home app.

The router’s firmware should be updated.

Check the speaker on your phone or device.

So make sure the speaker you wish to connect to is on the same network as your smartphone.

How to Connect Google Dot to WIFI

How to set up Google Dot?

Unpack the gadget, then take the Google Home Scaled down out of its container.

Locate a suitable location: Decide where to put the Google Home. unusually compact and close to a power outlet. The power connection must be plugged into an electrical outlet after being inserted into the device’s back.The Google Home Small scale will send a startup ring to let you know it is on and ready for configuration.

On your device, download Google Home: Utilize the Google Home app on your tablet or smartphone by downloading it.

Start the Google Home app. Use the Google Home app on your device to send a message.

Add a device: Tap the “+” button in the top-left corner of the application to add a new gadget.

Replace the device with another: Select “Setup gadget” from the menu options the application provides.

Choose the kind of device: After selecting “New gadgets” from the menu, pick “Speaker” from the list of choices.

A verified Google account : Make sure your desire Google account selected or sign in with the proper account.The Google Home app will lead you through the planning process if you follow the on-screen prompts.

To connect the Google Home : Mini to the internet, type the secret phrase when prompt and select your home Wi-Fi network.

Finish off the arrangement: When you are close adjusting the settings, the interaction with the arrangement finished. You can start using your Google Home Smaller than expect that gives it voice requests or controlls it via the Google Home app.

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