How to connect google dot to wifi

Google Dot is a voice-controlled speaker. Because this device controls the home gadgets, adds things lists, answers niceties questions, plays music, and can create a calendar. Through Google Assistant, this device interacts with the service. This device developer’s name is Google.Google dot was released on 4 November 2016. So here we talk about, How to connect google Dots to wifi.

Additional functional added to it, the software has been updated with google devices and google assistant. Because Google updated multiple devices like hand-free, mobile devices, Bluetooth, calendar, and add reminders.

1: Open your google home app on the device.

2: To set up the device click the + sign.

3: Go to the menu and select the location of the device.

4: Open the list of wifi and select your network and enter your wifi password. Press ok.

How to connect google dot to wifi

If you want to change the google home wifi :

Then go to the home app and go to the setting menu to select the network and reconnect the device. Change the password. Then go to setting and connect the wifi network of your device and set the location and device name and enter the new password.

If your Google dot doesn’t connect to the wifi. Here are some steps, you can try to connect the google dot.

1: Restart your router device.

2: Restart the google home app.

3: Update the router firmware.

4: Check the speaker of your phone or device.

5: Ensure that your device is connected to the same work, where you want to connect the speaker.

How to connect google dot to wifi

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