Vivo company

Vivo company is an electronic company in China and Shen Wei is its creator. This is a product of BBK electronics. smartphones, software, and phone accessories are Vivo products. Vivo communication technology co. Ltd. is Vivo’s company.

It is a good brand and its sales increased in 2020 and this company earned 484$ million.Basically, Vivo is a technology company in China and its headquarter is situated in Dongguan.

Vivo has a major operating system for smartphones. OS allows the many phones to attach multiple applications that can multiple tasks. The Vivo application is hidden. For this purpose go to privacy and click setting, select app then apply to hide.

Funtouch OS has been updated in Vivo and in android X70 pro, and the Vivo X60 series Funtouch operating system has been updated in December 2021. In Y-series operating system has updated in January 2022.

Vivo smartphone has high-quality wifi. When Vivo was released its screen size was 2k which was the thinnest mobile. Its camera has a 24 MP high resolution and the camera has hit the series X50. The battery capacity of Vivo is 3260 mAh and its storage capacity is 64GB. the 13 megapixels are included in the Vivo camera.

Vivo company’s storage platform :

On the cloud storage platform necessary for the user to create an account to receive the cloud storage. After accessing the account you can get the free cloud. you can save videos, images, and files, on the cloud plate form where all data will be secure. On the Vivo official website, you can visit the Vivo cloud and create an account on it.

Vivo company

1: Vivo (X 60t)

2: Vivo (X60 pro )

3: Vivo (X60 )

4: Vivo (x60 Pro +)

5: Vivo (s9 )

6: Vivi (s9e)

7: Vivo (S7t)

8: Vivo (S7e )

9: Vivo (Y30 G)

10: Vivo (Y 30)

11: Vivo (Y 31 )

12: Vivo (Y11)

13: Vivo (Y20 )

14:Vivo (Y20 G )

15: Vivo (Y20 G)

16: Vivo (X 50)

17: Vivo (X 50 )

18: Vivo (X 50 PRO)

19: Vivo (X50 pro+)

20: Vivo (X50 pro )

21: Vivo (X50 e )

22: Vivo (X 50 Lite )

24: Vivo (Nex 3s 5G)

25: Vivo (Y 20 i)

26: Vivi (Y 12 s)

27: Vivo (Y 51 A)

28: Vivo (Y 51s)

29:Vivi (Y52 S)

30: Vivo (Y 70 )

31: Vivo (Y 70S)

32:Vivo (Y 73 S)

33: Vivo (V 19 )

35: Vivo (20 S)

36:Vivo (V20 PRO )

37: Vivo y23 pro

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