Virtual reality and augmented reality.

What are Virtual reality and augmented reality? These are Virtual Reality gadgets. These days VR is so popular. The first headset gadget Virtual Reality (VR )was invented in 1968. A computer scientist Ivan Sutherland was its inventor and his student Bob Sproull.

You can use VR goggles or other devices that can interact with that environment. In VR hygroscopic sensors, magnetometers, and accelerators. In a headset that determines how to interact with a virtual space.

Augmented Reality (AR ) observes the environment. The user can control his presence in the real world. On the other hand, users of VR are controlled by the system.

(AR) has the ability to access with your smartphone.AR build up both virtual and real-world qualities. Through technology, AR achieves visual and digital elements.

AR is a helpful app for translating and interpreting text in others languages. Augmented Reality gives real-time information to travelers to historical places.

Virtual reality and augmented reality.

AR VR technology:

In AR you can view live views using a smartphone because this app works as digital elements but it has mixed technology of Virtual reality and augmented reality.

Basically, AR is a software application that merges audio and video content. Here are some examples of AR Google sky map, across air, Disney coloring books, USA army, Ikea mobile app, Lookator, spot crime, L’oral makeup app, weather channel effects app.

This machine is complicated large and heavy so you can connect it to a computer. It has no camera and knows as the sword of Damocles with the passage of time.

VR technology is an environment generated through computer-based technology. These are scenes and objects that seem to be real. Through this technology, users feel to are of this environment.

Virtual Reality has main three types.1: VR Non-Immersive,2: VR semi-immersive, 3: VR fully immersive.

Google VR & AR

Google Virtual reality and augmented reality are the bridge between the physical and digital world. Through AR you can get into everyday activities such as searching the information, and shopping, etc.

Google VR is a daydream and cardboard app. You can learn about different places and feel yourself in the real world. This App helps the users with different experiences.

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