What is Google Panda SEO

Google panda SEO

Pand SEO is a Google SEO upgrade whose goal is to eliminate subpar content. 2011 saw the Google Panda SEO upgrade. It was developed to punish unreliable or poor quality content. It is included in the filter, and the modification was made to stop low-quality content from outranking higher-quality stuff. Despite having little to offer readers, some searches.

Google frequently changed the filter between 2011 and 2015, which led to new websites being penalized.However, Google claimed that Panda is a crucial part of the Google algorithm starting in January 2016. Its filter aids in assessing the caliber of a website. Google explicitly states that while determining its rank, this does not imply that it will be updated in real-time.

There are entire websites being built to take advantage of well-known problems with the search algorithm. These websites’ primary objective is to link to material that generates generally subpar content that does well in Google searches for popular terms in order to resell advertising space on these pages.

How Does Google Panda SEO Work?

Google Panda SEO Work

In response to this problem, Google makes one of the biggest algorithmic changes in recent memory. The change is referred to as Google Panda. Despite the amusing name, webmasters and SEO specialists would have a lot of trouble adopting these methods.
Every month, Google updates the Panda Rank system.

As a result, Google’s search results suffered a significant shake-up once per month, and many websites saw that their search rankings had drastically decreased. Many websites immediately experience a Google Panda penalty, which significantly harms their rankings. The move had a significant negative impact on businesses like Demand Media, whose whole business model was predicated on content farms.

Today, we can assert that Google Panda upgrades go place secretly and in the background because they are integrated into their machine learning algorithm. In other words, improvements pertaining to pandas are no longer regarded as independent. More specifically, Panda is currently a part of Google’s core updates, especially those that place a strong emphasis on quality.

If the Google Panda update seriously harms your website, a recovery strategy is required. You can suffer significant losses and observe a sharp drop in website traffic. However, the answer to the question of how to get out of a Google Panda penalty is simple, and we may say as such.

Analyze your website carefully to determine the cause of any Google Panda penalties you may have received. Unfortunately, there isn’t a patch available right away to aid in your recovery from a Panda penalty. The answer is to assess your website and improve the quality of the content.

Improvement of Google Ranking

Improvement of Google Ranking

Google claims that the greatest way to improve your website’s ranking on the search engine is to write high-quality content that users will find useful. That was a good intention, but that’s not what happened. Experts in SEO and Google are both aware of numerous ways to trick Google’s algorithm.

For this reason, Google provides updates like Panda and Penguin. They repaired the flaws that had been exploited and directed webmasters to focus on improving the quality of their content in order to climb the ranks.

The first SEO strategies used by Google are still successful today. You should make sure your website has a lot of links from reliable sites and offer high-quality content.
Google is now paying greater attention to the technical quality of websites. Even if the performance of your desktop computer is your only concern, your website must be user-friendly on mobile devices.

With the launch of Google Panda, Google’s business practices underwent a big transformation, and more adjustments are almost probably forthcoming. You’ll have a strong chance of success if you focus on creating high-quality content and obtaining natural backlinks to your website.

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